Bo Heimann Coaching & Communications

– transformative and strategic development of people, teams and organizations

I help leaders and employees to success in the post-capitalist reality, we are in the process of co-creating in these stormy and wild times of change. 

In collaboration with the client , I create transformative courses and workshops for leaders and employees to strengthen the organization’s skills in order to support the business strategy.

Bo Heimann is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and works across Europe helping his international clients and as a Fellow of Oxford Leadership Academy, Associated Partner for Maul A/S and a Senior Trainer for Speak First.

I believe in the transformative learning set free of the normal classroom teaching; that we need to reflect, feel and sense in order to reach genuine insights; the development of leaders and employees should be strategic so that their development supports the business; and that successful leadership is about creating meaning and trust.

I am inspired by the desire to raise our awareness and strengthen our ability to govern ourselves and others and create purpose-driven, sustainable and resiliente organizations. 

I investigate, researching, asking to engage me in debate about, writes about and teaches psychology, philosophy, society and development organizations to help managers and employees to think bigger and act for the benefit of both themselves and their surroundings.

I was born in 1971, hold a M.A. in Leadership and Organizational Psychology, a BA in Journalism and additional educations in systemic procesfacilitation and psychotherapy. I have as an independent since 2004 – as a coach, trainer, workshop leader, and process facilitation – helped people, teams and organizations with development.

Warm regards,
Bo Heimann

Book out now in English Forside-www

FREEING YOUR MIND – an introduction to MINDFULNESS and basic Buddhist philosophy 

’Bo Heimann offers us a clear, insightful and deeply wise book about the philosophy, ethics and attitudes behind the bare techniques of meditation. He reminds us of the original intentions and context of these practices, and invites us to reflect upon the potential danger of over-simplifying meditation to fit in the modern world: that meditation may become a caricature of itself, losing its transformational essence.’ – Shauna Shapiro, Ph.D. Co-Author of Mindful Discipline, and and The art and science of Mindfulness


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Re-thinking Mindfulness

An invitation to broaden our understanding of mindfulness by looking at the original sources, the importance of ethics and our intention. Includes a discussion on how mindfulness teachers can upgrade their skills.


Wake up time – thoughts on reinventing society

We are reaching a critical mass of people who are intuitively aware that a holistic approach is the only way forward. Such cognitive development will have an impact on all levels of society, consequences for the individual, for the way we organize ourselves in businesses and for any leadership. When we sit still, we know, we can sense, that the old forms of thought are not resilient. We discover that what we have hitherto considered as normal is actually abnormal; that what we have accepted is in fact utterly unacceptable.


Spiritual Bypasing

In the book Spiritual Bypassing, Robert Masters has written about an important wake up call to all people with spiritual inclinations. It is a wake up call that rings true, and is aligned with what genuine Buddhist masters have always taught: do not think you can jump to the top of the ladder.